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CD and Compilation Releases / Record Labels that have featured Loaded Dice

"It's only Indie Rock" > Delinquent Records 1997
"Headsick Rekords vol #1" > Head Sick Rekords 1998
"Musicfest 2000" > Ego-Trip Entertainment 2000
"Back In The Alley" > Delinquent Records 2000
"Redefine The Rockstar vol #4" 3:16 Productions 2001
"Perris Records Top 40 Artist" > Perris Records 2001
"Black Market Underground" > Swill Productions 2001
SLAM vol. 4 Spring/Summer 2001 issue #11
Meltdown Magazine "Atomic Elements" Compilation Oct-Dec 2001
"Bang Sounds of the 80's" > Serious Vanity Records 2002
"Perris Records' 18 Featured Tracks > Perris Records 2002
"Alive & Kickin":International Anthems" > CD Smash 2002
"Hard Rock - Vol: 1" >CDreview Network 2002
"Best of" 21 Touring Rock Bands"> BIE Records 2003                                                                                                                             
"Buzz Songs Vol 1" > 3000 Records 2003
"International Heavy Metal Box Set" > Meathead Records 2003
"The Toe.CCase Sampler" > The Toe.CC 2003
"Midem Sampler Vol 1 > Midem Music 2004
"The Road A Tribute to Brother Cane" > RockTrax Records 2005
"Radio Hits" > Vision Records 2008
"Misty Mountain Hop" > Tribute to Led Zeppelin Versailles Records 2008
"Surf Rock" > Versailles Records 2008
"Double Talkin' Jive" > Tribute to Guns N' Roses Versailles Records 2009
"Lit Up" >: A Millennium Tribute To Buckcherry Versailles Records 2010
"An Education in Rebellion" Biography of Nikki Sixx > ROCKNROLL BOOKS 2010
"Rock and Roll Train" Tribute to AC/DC Versailles Records   2011
 "A Metal Tribute to AC/DC" Deadline Music   2011
"Still of the Night" Tribute to Whitesnake Versailles Records  2013 
"Down at the Whisky" Tribute to Motley Crue  Versailles Records   2013
"Deuces Are Wild" Tribute to Aerosmith Versailles Records   2014                     
"Rock and Roll All Night" Tribute to KISS Versailles Records   2015          
"ULTIMATE FIGHTING ROCK"   Versailles Records  2016                                      
"NFL ROCK"  National Football League   Versailles Records  2016 
"Highway To Hell"Tribute to Bon Scott and AC/DC  Versailles Records  2016
"The Many Faces Of Kiss"  Music Brokers Entertainment 2017
"The Many Faces Of  AC/DC"  DOUBLE LP VERSION  Music Brokers Entertainment 2018  
"Sweet Emotion": A Tribute To Aerosmith's Greatest Hits-The 1970's  Versailles Records  2019 

KNOCK EM DEAD KID  version 1
KNOCK EM DEAD KID  version 2
SORRY  version 1
SORRY  version 2
WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE  from Rock & Roll Train release
WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE  from Metal cd release
WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE  from Bon Scott release
COME ON LOVE ME  from Rock & Roll all nite release
ANGRY  from Football Rock release
ANGRY  from Ulitmate Fight Rock release
PREACHERMAN from Radio Hits release
No Easy Way                        
After Midnight                       
Down For The Count            
Back In The Alley                   
Gypsy Woman                        
Sick Of It ( Recorded LIVE )   
Backstage Blues                    

Film / Video release that have featured Loaded Dice
"Terror Firmer" appeared in film > Troma Entertainment Films 1999
"Back In The Alley" title track video > Cavalier Pictures 2000
"More Man Enough" soundtrack music > Cavalier Pictures 2000
"Scooter" soundtrack music > Hudson Films 2000
"BB SHOW" soundtrack music > UPN channel 15 2000
"Back In The Alley" (VIDEO) various music video programs 2000
"Apartment Cafe" 3 songs on soundtrack Alan Aanczelowicz Film 2001
"Confederation The Shadow Nemesis" soundtrack Cavalier 2001
"Under The Sidewalk Moon" music soundtrack> Steve Moon Film 2002
"International Heavy Metal" DVD > Meathead Records 2003
" Zena " soundtrack  music / Temple Entertainment 2015

Reviews and Press

Loaded Dice
"Back In The Alley"

Delinquent Records

By Paul Autry Ball Buster Hard Music

There's only one thing that sucks about this video...it's only for one song. That was a disappointment for me, especially since Loaded Dice seems like a kick ass band. This professional video features the simple story line of a guy getting loaded in an alley then walking in, a bit late, to see the band perform. That's it, plain and simple. From what I saw, Loaded Dice seems to be a bar band, meaning, a band that would go over really well in the bar scene. But, ya know what...that's rock & roll, man! That's what it's all about and this is stuff that I live for. I only wish I knew more about this band. The video's a keeper, but, it's not enough. You check it out and, like me, you're gonna want more information on this band. I'd like to hear what else they've got going on, as I'm sure it would be something I'd get into

Loaded Dice • Back in the Alley

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Magazine

Loaded Dice's Back in the Alley opens with "Infatuation," which could've been a bonus track on Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls disc. Oooh, yeah! There's some stellar axework, too ("Preacherman"). The third standout track is the often-mellower, bluesy "Ashamed," while rest of the disc is still more good ol', blues-based, down 'n dirty, melodic hard rock.

Loaded Dice - Back In The Alley

By: Tim Taylor

If you miss the 80's hard rock sound, man do I have a band for you! Based out of Huntsville, Loaded Dice is blues-based rock quartet with a metal edge. The band is led by fiery lead vocalist Roland Edger, whose gritty style powers the group's loud anthems as well as their more understated tunes. The rest of the band includes riffmaster Chris Cook on lead and slide guitar, Dan Evans on bass, and Dahn Micheals on drums. This trio also does an excellent job on the backing vocals, prevalent here due to the gang-style choruses often employed. Loaded Dice has been featured in magazines such as Slam, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, and Meltdown. The band appeared on the Brother Cane tribute album (which I reviewed last month for The Buzz), and they have also been active contributors to causes such as the Marine Corps' "Toys For Tots" drive. Loaded Dice's first official CD, entitled "Back In The Alley", was released in 2000. It contains eleven blues-drenched tracks of 80's metal mayhem, plus a video for the title track.

The first cut is called "Infatuation", and no, it's not a Rod Stewart retread. Instead, it's a
foot-stompin', head-bangin' metal battlecry. The main riff rocks, as does the addictive gang-vocal chorus: "Wanna be your lover, wanna be your friend!" Next is "No Easy Way", which, like its predecessor, relies on a blues-metal riff and a shout-a-long gang chorus. The lyrics are okay but nothing special, throwing out clichés such as "living in the house of pain". Still, it's a solid, fun tune. "Preacherman" takes a bit of a belated swipe (even for its time) at televangelists. It has a slow, bluesy intro, the requisite gang-vocal chorus, a cool guitar solo in the middle, and a nicely subdued ending. The fourth track is "After Midnight", which relies on a ZZ Top-like riff. The chorus is nothing spectacular, and the lyrics contain goofy clichés like "we're ready to rock so you people can roll". "Down For The Count" is a slower song with lyrics about sex ("fingers 
down my back"), but again the chorus seems lacking. Yet, in the ensuing title track, the shouted chorus is a strength. With a funky bass line, hard-charging riffs (reminiscent of the 90's band Sister Whiskey), and the aforementioned chorus, Loaded Dice puts it all together in the title track. The seventh cut is called "Ashamed". It starts slow and builds into a killer gang-vocal chorus. Contemplative yet catchy, this is the second-best song on the album. "Gypsy Women", with it's heavy, chugging riffs and killer hook, is also one of the better songs here. Ninth track "Angry" begins with someone reading a quote from the bible. While not the catchiest tune,
it's a decent song and the lyrics are an improvement over previous tracks. "Sick Of It" is a live cut that (oddly) sounds a bit like an old Stone Temple Pilots outtake, and final song "Backstage Blues" is almost country-ish in its blues-iness. Finally, there is the video to "Back In The Alley", which features both footage of the band playing and images of a drunk man in an alley (to go with the song's theme). For a low-budget production, this video looks very cool.
Despite the lyrical clichés, this is a fun album to listen to. The vocals are strong, the riffs are sturdy, and (most of) the hooks are solid gold. Other than saying it's good-time 80's metal, I know of no specific comparisons for Loaded Dice's sound. I do know that if you want to hear that style of music done well, you should pick up a copy of this album. Check out Loaded Dice at www.loaded-dice.com, or buy a copy of this album through The Buzz's Featured CD's section.


Loaded Dice -Back In The Alley

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Razor sharp guitar and a David Lee Roth attitude make Loaded Dice a dynamic hard rock entity."Back in the Alley" is an 11-track CD that features ten Loaded Dice studio cuts, one live cut ("Sick of It") and an enhanced video for the title track.

Anyone who likes their hard rock with crunchy guitars, attitude-laden vocals and well-written, hard-driving songs will like this CD. As mentioned above, this CD brings to mind the work of David Lee Roth, Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd - but all in a Loaded Dice kind of way. A strong, solid rock'n'roll band!

Personnel: Roland Edger - lead vocals, acoustic guitars; Dan Evans - bass, backing vocals; Chris Cook - lead and slide guitar, backing vocals; Dahn Michaels - drums, backing vocals.

For more information, check out http://www.loaded-dice.com


Bangs...Sounds of the 80s

by DJOktober

Loaded Dice's acoustic guitar version of "When the Children Cry" (originally by White Lion) is hauntingly beautiful, and serves as the whole compilation's theme song; during the instrumental break the singer talks about RAINN and who the profits of these CDs will benefit.

Unsigned Rockband

Music Reviews

Loaded Dice - This is one band that knows the definition of Rock-N-Roll. From Huntsville, Alabama, these guys will take you on the ride of your life both live and on their soon to be released debut CD. Head slamming tracks and crowd pleasers. Vocals with style, guitar riffs that pick you upthrow you around and leave you screaming, bass that bobs your head and percussion that kicks you in the head and makes you thank them for doing it. Hit the website for more information on how Rock-N-Roll is done these days.


LOADED DICE reviewed in Strutter Magazine

Back in the Alley - Loaded Dice (Delinquent Records)

This American band is playing 80s influenced Partyrock a la LA GUNS, MOTLEY CRUE, but with an updated sound that sometimes sounds pretty heavy, but also is very melodic at times. Opener "Infatuation" is a good pure 80s typed uptempo partyrocker like early LA GUNS meets CRUE. Other songs in this style are "No Easy Way" and "After Midnight". The rest is a bit heavier in places, such as the Metal typed songs "Sick of It" and "Angry". "Down for the Count" is the best song of the whole CD, because this is a midtempo melodic rocker and sounds different than the rest of the CD and is also damn catchy. The CD also contains a cool video of one of their tunes, nicely done! Nevertheless, this band is a must if you're in to the LA GUNS/CRUE typed Party Hard Rock/Metal. Check it out...

Heart of the Rock

Loaded Dice
Hard rockin' outfit from Alabama, who have settled in the groove of late eighties sleaze metal, a la L.A Guns, and Motley Crue. They've released an album called 'Back In The Alley' on their own label Delinquent Records. 4 MP3's to be heard on their Audio/Video page.


Loaded Dice / Back In The Alley
Genre - Sleaze
Label - Delinquent Records
This cd is build up with a good cross over between sleaze and rock and comes in many way out with a L.A. rock style in your face.and it sure does spell a good time across the music itself.


Independent Music Network

From the Heart of Dixie state comes one of the most promising hard rock bands screaming "Hey People... Ya'll Ready For Some Rock N Roll" !!! Huntsville Alabama's Loaded Dice, With a couple compilation CDs already under their belts,and a killer image and stage show, the band has just unleashed "Back In The Alley" their titled release cd, recorded and mixed by Dave Pittman at Soundworks Recording in Decatur, for Delinquent Records. the cd is completely "loaded" with sure-fire rock n roll gems such as "Infatuation," "Gyspy Woman" and "Peacherman". Loaded Dice has also confirmed a distibution deal with Perris Records @ www.perrisrecords.com
 Look for promotional ads in Metal Edge magazine@ www.mtledge.com starting in May 2000. Loaded Dice is negotiating various distribution deals (foreign and domestic) and also working on theme songs for several Wrestling Federation projects. They are currently in the studio recording a re-vamped version of White Lion's "When The Children Cry"for a benefit album. It's a 2 CD release with various artists and styles. See Official Website for more details.... www.loaded-dice.com


"Back In The Alley" è il titolo del cd d'esordio egli street rockers americani Loaded Dice capitanati dallo screamer Roland Edger, che in compagnia di Dan Evans (basso), Chris Cook (chitarra) e Dahn Michaels (batteria) ci sfornano un lavoro decisamente sopra la media. Facilmente catalogabili nel classico "ass-kick'n rock'n'roll" il quartetto dell'Alabama apre con l'esplosiva "Infatuation" con quel riff sentito 1000 volte, ma fa sempre la sua porca figura, segue "No Easy Way", altro episodio street metal di buona fattura. Se tra i vostri gruppi preferiti ci sono SKID ROW, JACKYL, WIDOWMAKER o i meno conosciuti VAMP LET STAT allora avete trovato pane per i vostri denti!
Loaded Dice - PO Box 7003 Huntsville, AL 35807 (USA)

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