loaded dice  When the dice roll ...  you're gonna rock !!!


Some songs are available on the Loaded Dice cd titled Back In The Alley also available on several compilation releases below...
    Infatuation                             listen on YouTube
    No Easy Way                         listen on YouTube
    Preacherman                         listen on YouTube
    After Midnight                        listen on YouTube
    Down For The Count             listen on YouTube
    Back In The Alley                   listen on YouTube
    Ashamed                                 listen on YouTube
    Gypsy Woman                        listen on YouTube
    Angry                                       listen on YouTube
    Sick Of It ( Recorded LIVE )   listen on YouTube
    Backstage Blues                     listen on YouTube
    When I Look Into Your Eyes
    Dreamin'   featured on the movie ZENA   /  TEMPLE ENTERTAINMENT INC

The Rick and Bubba intro sampler featured on The Rick and Bubba Show  
     When The Children Cry  featured on Bangs Sound of the 80's  
     Sorry featured on Lit Up A Millennium Tribute To Buckcherry   listen on YouTube
     Whole Lotta Rosie featured on Rock and Roll Train A Tribute to AC/DC    listen on YouTube
     Slide It In featured on Still of the Night ATribute to Whitesnake  listen on YouTube
     Knock 'Em' Dead Kid featured on Down at the Whisky A Tribute to Motley Crue  listen on YouTube
     Sweet Emotion featured on Deuces Are Wild A Tribute to Aerosmith  listen on YouTube
     C'mon And Love Me featured on Rock and Roll All Night A Tribute to KISS 
listen on YouTube
      AUDIO POSTED SOON          The Road  featured on The Road A Tribute to Brother Cane  

MB Entertainment Business Group. Based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico with distribution in other countries have released The Many Faces Of Kiss featuring Loaded Dice covering C'mon On And Love Me, on disc #2 track #8. It's a 3XCD album that will also include rare material by the members of Kiss. (Gene Simmons collaborating with Engelbert Humperdinck, a Vinnie Vincent demo of Gypsy In Her Eyes and collaborations featuring Ace Frehley, Eric Singer and Bob Kulick and much more), Also includes the original demo, for the first time available on CD, " Is That You? " (song included in the album Unmasked) performed by its writer: Gerard McMahon. "Be one of the first lucky ones to get a advanced copy of THE MANY FACES OF KISS CD just visit, comment and LIKE the Loaded Dice Facebook page to enter ! just click here to enter >> www.facebook.com/WhenTheDiceRollYoureGonnaRock

Highway To Hell: A Tribute To Bon Scott & AC/DC 1974-1979 cd that features Loaded Dice will be released 11/27/2017 on Versailles Records and available at Best Buy, Tower Records and other online/retail stores with worldwide distribution through MVD Entertainment Group featuring current and former members of AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Thin Lizzy, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Black Star Riders, Ratt, Damn Yankees, Hells Belles, TNT, Big Gun, Richard Kendrick, Charlie Bonnet III, Loaded Dice, Monkeysoop, BERZON, Erling Solem, PayneKilla, MYSTIC FORCE, Soubone 


FOOTBALL ROCK 2015 features the Loaded Dice track "Angry" that was handpicked for the hard edge game. The album will release to coincide with the 2015 Football season as broadcast music for post highlights and stadium music, also features current/former members of Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Alice Cooper Band, Thin Lizzy, Quiet Riot, Heart, Black Star Riders, Hanoi Rocks, Lillian Axe, Richard Kendrick, and others. listen on YouTube

Loaded Dice is featured on the ULTIMATE FIGHTING ROCK cd that will be released later this year on Versailles Records and distribution through MVD Music Group, also featuring current/former members of Aerosmith, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Dio, Alice Copper Band, Badlands, The Cult, Quiet Riot, Skid Row, Grand Funk Railroad, Exodus, Jetboy, Richard Kendrick, Charlie Bonnet III, Monkeysoop, Loaded Dice a full press release coming soon!  listen on YouTube

 Release Date: 03/10/15   Rock & Roll All Nite: A Tribute To Kiss 1974-2014 features Loaded Dice performing "Come On and Love Me"    listen on YouTube     

LOADED DICE FEATURED ON THE NEW AEROSMITH TRIBUTE COMING 4/15/14   enter to win a free Aerosmith tribute cd, Deuces Are Wild: A Millennium Tribute To Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 1970-2013 album is a 2-disc set with 28 songs that features Loaded Dice performing "Sweet Emotion" recorded/mixed by Lance Wright @ Star Gate Studios. The Aerosmith Tribute CD release date is Apr 15, 2014 available at Best Buy,Tower Records and online/retail stores  Covering every decade of the band's legendary catalog of classics, 'Deuces Are Wild' gives AEROSMITH fans a first-hand tour through their greatest hits, performed by current/former members of such iconic rock/metal star acts as Motley Crue, Tesla, KISS, Megadeth, Poison, Alice Cooper Band, & Mr. Big, as well as Loaded Dice, "just visit and like the page to enter" ! https://www.facebook.com/WhenTheDiceRollYoureGonnaRock   listen on YouTube

available @  

Loaded Dice is featured on track #10 covering Knock 'Em Dead Kid on the Motley Crue tribute cd now available at Best Buy, Tower Records and other retail stores .It contains current / former members of Rock /Metal legends including Motley Crue, Poison, Megadeth, Dio, Ratt, Alice Cooper Band, WASP, Exodus, Skid Row, Billy Idol Band, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Love/ Hate, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Warrant, Jet Boy, Brides of Destruction, Leaving Eden, Richard Kendrick, Moccasin Creek, Loaded Dice, Lillian Axe, The Scream, Slash's Snakepit and many more...
listen on YouTube

    Available @ 
 Loaded Dice is featured on the Star-Studded Whitesnake, Tribute Due 10/1/2012 from Versailles Records. 
'Still of the Night: A Millennium Tribute to Whitesnake', featuring current/former members of Whitesnake, TNT, Blue Murder, Dio, Kiss, Badlands, Alice Cooper Band, King Cobra, Lillian Axe, L.A. Guns, Warrant, Ratt, Slash’s Snakepit, Every Mother’s Nightmare, David Coverdale Band, Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, Yngvie Malmsteen Band, House of Lords, and others, along with a global roster of Millennium rock/metal bands including Loaded Dice United Kingdom will handle retail distribution for the album , and MTM will be handling broader European distribution for the album, In the U.S market, record hits stores October 1st Cover Art Was DESIGNED BY JAVIER CARMONA FAMED COVER DESIGNER FOR LED ZEPPLIN, PINK FLOYD, NAZARETH, MOLLY HACHET AND GUNS AND ROSES.
listen on YouTube

 Rock and Roll Train
  also available   
A Millennium Tribute to AC/DC features Loaded Dice covering "Whole Lotta Rosie"
released on Versailles Records  
listen on YouTube 
available through      
A Metal Tribute to AC/DC
features Loaded Dice covering "Whole Lotta Rosie" released on Deadline Music   listen on YouTube

  Back In The Alley        
Loaded Dice full length Enhanced CD contains title track video
features 11 songs with live track) released on Delinquient Records  listen on YouTube

  Lit Up 
  also available @ Target  

A Millenniun Tribute to BuckCherry features Loaded Dice covering "Sorry" released on Versailles Records
listen on YouTube


   An Education in Rebellion 
The Biography of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, contains a cd included that features 
the track "Angry by Loaded Dice available through Rock and Roll Books 



  The Road  
A Tribute to Brother Cane features Loaded Dice covering the title track "The Road"
Also features current or former members of...  Molly Hachet , Blackfoot , Black Label , 
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies and many more *PLUS a bonus track*
Public Awareness Message from Damon Johnson (Brother Cane ) for R.A.D.D. 
released on RockTrax Records

  Best of 21 Touring Rock Bands 
features the track "Preacherman" by Loaded Dice  released on BIE Records

  Alive and Kickin' 

International Anthems features the track "Back In The Alley" by Loaded Dice released on CdSmash Records

  Radio Hits Vol #1 

A  features track "Preacherman" by Loaded Dice  released on Vision Records    listen on YouTube

  Misty Mountain Hop 
 also available at

A Millennium Tribute to Led Zeppelin features Loaded Dice released on Versailles Records


  Double Talkin' Jive  also available @

A Hard Rock Tribute to Guns and Roses, bonus disc includes Surf Rock Vol 1/2 features Loaded Dice released on Versailles Records

   Bangs Sounds of the 80's 

A Millennium  Emerging Artist and stars on the decade of decadence unite to benefit RAINN
a 2 cd release features "Dreamin by Loaded Dice and White Lion's "When The Children Cry"
covered by Loaded Dice 

  International Heavy Metal  

A box set and DVD features the track "Angry" by Loaded Dice 
released on Meathead Records Canada 

  Suicide Alley

A great band straight off the Sunset Strip in Hollywood,
features Roland of Loaded Dice on backing vocals

  Loaded Dice Bumper Sticker 

  HARD ROCK Vol #1 
features the track "Preacherman" by Loaded Dice

  Perris Records 18 
features Loaded Dice (mix track #18)


  MELTDOWN magazine 
Atomic Elements Compilation features the the track "Angry" by Loaded Dice

  The Toe.CC  
The Toe.CC Sampler features the previously unreleased track
"When I Look Into Your Eye's by Loaded Dice

Midem Music Vol #1 Cannes France Music Industry Promo features Loaded Dice


  Terror Firmer 

Roland appeared in the film as a crew member filmed in New York
also featured Lemmy the bassist, vocalist, songwriter and founding member
of the rock band
Troma Entertainment Films

  SLAM Vol #4 

SLAM vol. 4 Spring/Summer 2001 issue # 11
features the track  "Infatuation" by Loaded Dice

  It's Only Indie Rock n Roll 

features the track "Dreamin" by Loaded Dice  released on Delinquent Records

  Head Sick ReKords 

features the track "Angry" by Loaded Dice released on Head Sick ReKords

  Redefine the ROCKSTAR Vol #4 
features  the track "Infatuation" by Loaded Dice released on 3:16 Productions


   Buzz Songs Vol #1 
features the track "Preacherman" by Loaded Dice  released on 3000 Records


  Confederation The Shadow Nemesis  

featured the track "Down for the Count by Loaded Dice on the
Soundtrack and Roland, who also acts as a stand in for Joseph Wright in the first day of production, released by Cavalier Pictures

  Perris Records Top 40 Artist 
features Loaded Dice (track #35)

  MusicFest 2000 

features the track "Preacherman" by Loaded Dice released on Ego-Trip Entertainment



    Loaded Dice VHS  
Back In The Alley Video released on Delinquent Records
filmed by Cavalier Pictures only 2500 printed but video
is in Digital format on the Back In The Alley CD


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